For Women Only

Discovering The Priestess Within You"

See Priestess SaraKira on her throne




Priestess Sarakira has just written a special training manual for women entitled "Seize the Power: Discovering the Priestess Within You." This is an 80-page motivational and attitude training manual for women to become dominant over their male partners. This manual describes use of some special "control techniques" that are uniquely female in character that can be effectively used in turning men into becoming your slave. The special purpose of Priestess Sarakira's training manual is to motivate women to take the power from men and turn it around and use it to dominate them.

Select males may also purchase it.

Special notice for any men who may know special women they believe, wish, or hope could be turned into the kind of woman who dominates men. While the book was intended for women only, Priestess Sarakira has given special permission as well as some encouragement for males also to buy this training manual, but only under a special obligation that males must promise. First promise is that every male who purchase any of Priestess Sarakira's taining manuals must agree he is willing to support and live in society of supreme female rule. Second promise is that males may purchase this "for female only" manual only if they are intending it as a gift to a woman

If this book is for women only, why should males be allowed to purchase this book? Priestess Sarakira answers this question with the pronouncement that males who buy this book as gifts for women are taking their first step down a path of eventual subjugation under a woman's heel. "I don't want or need men to read my book, I want them to buy them and give them as gifts of tribute to women." To what women? Sarakira says men should buy and give these manuals to their favorite dominant woman, or to any woman who may not yet be dominant (over men), but who has the potential to develop into a dominant. 

Priestess Sarakira says:
"I want to see 1,000 men buy 5 copies each to give to 5 different women. When 5,000 women have read SEIZE THE POWER there will come a great change in our society. This is what I believe will be our future in the Second Millenium. Give the gift that keeps on giving. You could be that special man who could help a woman find her true dominant Inner Self and to begin her journey on the path of building her female power to dominate and control men."