Welcome to the Temple of the Darkside Goddess to witness

 A Religious Rite of Male Surrender to His Personal Goddess

1. Steel Goddess talks with Priestess Sarakira about collaring her slave.
3. Steel Explains to slave what will happen in the collaring ritual. 
5. Steel puts leash on her slave and instructs him what he must do. 
7. Slave kisses Priestess Sarakira's feet as she describes the "Ordeal." 
9. Slave must crawl to kiss the feet of all the women present.
11. "That thing which is most sacred to male slave lies beneath my feet."
13. Tell us, could you spend your life in a Femdom World as a slave?
15. After being tested by all women present, slave receives their verdict.
17. Steel produces the metal collar she has made for this occasion.
19. The slave's vows are spoken, and now the slave's collar is placed.
21.After the collar has been locked on, Steel orders slave to kiss her feet.


Before the ritual begins an assembly of women who will witness and participate in the ceremony gather around the throne of the Priestess. The ritual begins by Priestess Sarakira describing the basis and purpose of the Essemian Slave Collaring Rite.

Priestess Sarakira :

"We believe in the Prophesy that predicts a global event that will destroy much of world that exists today, and that this event will be followed by a big change where all power once held by males is shifted to the female.

"It is called the Prophesy of the "Second Eden" because it is now Eve who will rule, and it is Adam who must now be subject to Her will. The new world will begin as small communal societies ruled by women. Not just ordinary women, but extra-ordinary women who are Dominant. These are women who all share in a believe that it was the Goddess Kali who caused the change that turned the world over to them. These small female dominated communities will evolve into great cities, and then great nations.

"Thus, all powerful women will be those who worship and follow the example of the Goddess who Tramples Man Beneath Her Feet. The new Religious Believe shall be that it is the Will of the Goddess that man must atone, and that women must rule over men as their slaves as a condition of man's atonement. A future time is coming when all men shall be slaves in chains held by women, and all man-kind will wear slave collars as signs of their surrender and abject submission to the woman-kind our new our society.

"We can see the Prophesy already beginning as many, both male and female, are sensing the coming change and beginning to take their places and assume their respective roles for the coming Change. The act of male submission to female dominance increases more each year. A Change is coming. This is why our church makes a ritual out of an event when a woman places a man in metal bondage as it is sign of permanence. Placing a slave's collar on a man acknowledges her power as it demonstrates her conquest of still another male to be made a slave in preparation for the coming Change.

"We take care that no woman allow herself to be possessed by the submission of a single slave who would dare think that he alone is her only slave, thus we encourage women to have multiple male slaves. We seek slaves not just for the moment nor a just for a limited time, but for all time, for life. It is a solemn event and as it is a serious commitment.

"Today we are fortunate to witness a part of the Prophesy beginning as a man shall kneel to be collared by a woman as her slave. As an Essemian Priestess, I channel the Spirit of the Goddess who subdues man, the Goddess Kali. See the women who stand with me here now. They are my Dakinis. A Dakini is a female assistant to Kali whose mission it is to strike fear in the hearts of men in the name of Kali. Through me, these Dakinis here also channel the power of the Goddess, They are here to witness this event. They may even strike some fear in the heart of the man on his knees here today. Let us proceed.

"Will the woman who is to collar a slave here now, please step forward and identify herself by the name or title she wishes to be addressed, and share with us her thoughts on what it means for a slave to wear her collar."

At this point, the woman who will present a slave to collar will bring him out. This day, it is a woman is known as the "Steel Goddess."


The Steel Goddess: She is known by this name because she is both a worker and an artist in metal craft. With welding torch or forge she bends iron and steel to her will. She can build large steel structures as well as small, delicate and beautiful creations with metal. But, male slaves beware. The "Steel Goddess" can also use her skills to build iron gates and steel bars, chains and manacles for hands and feet, and intricate collars of metal in which to keep slaves in their positions of submission, permanently.

The Slave Collar: The slave to be collared this day will wear a collar the Steel Goddess had designed and fashioned herself. For any male slaves who read this, it is time for a moment of reflection. How many of you have ever worn a slave collar? How many of you have ever had dominant place a real slave collar around your neck? My real, we mean one made of steel, one that cannot be cut away, cannot be removed by the slave, and is locked in place by the woman who owns you. Yes, there are certainly a few of you. But, how many of you male slaves have ever had to wear steel shackles or a metal collar that was actually made by the woman who places you in bondage? It is a totally different experience. Imagine that happening to you.

The Entrance: After Priestess Sarakira has spoken, it is the signal for Steel Goddess to make an entrance with her slave. This she does with imperious elegance. For she is tall, long blond hair, and her walk is like that of a Viking Queen. She has captured and subdued a male creature. It is hers now. The Rite requires that she demonstrate her capture and conquest of the male creature to a group of women. One woman, a Priestess, will officiate. Indeed, there is conquest and subjugation. She has the male creature stripped naked, put on his knees, and is made to crawl on his hands and knees behind her as she approaches the Priestess and the gathering of women.

The Ordeal: The Ordeal is central to all Essemian Rituals. Ordeals are matters of tests that will involve some manner of sacrifice. The sacrifice may involve pain, whipping, prolonged suffering in bondage, long term restrain in bondage, specific acts designed to demonstrate slave-like submission and humility, crawling, groveling or whatever the Priestess in Charge feels is an adequate Ordeal. Ordeal can be very light, and last but a few minutes, or they can be very intense and last for days, or even weeks. All Essemian Ritual Ordeals are designed to test a male slave to the limit. But care is taken never to exceed a slave's limit to the point a slave may be damaged. This is the case for the slave that is to be collared this day. While it will be a relatively light ordeal, it will be one that will be very significant for the slave and something he will never forget.

The Ordeal:

This is where the other women present will participate. The few woman who are present and participate in Male submission Ordeals symbolically represent the "women of the tribe." Wherein the "tribe" is a reference to a tribal community of Amazons. Or, in the case of rituals that are more religious an where the Goddess Kali is involved, the group of women may be "Dakinis" (the minions of Goddess Kali). For any of you men who have ever had an experience of submitting to one or two dominant women at a time, you can just how terrifying it can be when you're a slave who is at the mercy of 6 to 10 dominant women. The clear objective here is that the male slave undergoing the Ordeal should be intimidated, or better to say, scared out of his wits by being a helpless male slave that is about to be "tested" for his submission and endurance by a group rather than just one or two dominant females

Priestess Sarakira explains again how the Slave Collaring Ceremonies will involve the "Ordeal".

The premise of the Ordeal is that the surrendered male candidate slave must be tested on his ability to live as a slave in an "Eden 2." The Prophecy is of a future world called the "Second Eden" where women will rule, and men will be slaves. Priestess Sarakira will ask Steel Goddess as a condition of the Essemian Slave Collaring ritual, whether she is ready to submit her potential slave to be tested in the Ordeal. Steel Goddess responds by having her slave crawl to the foot of the Priestess Sarakira's throne and present his head at her feet. He kisses her feet, and is directed to crawl back and raise himself up on this knees.

The Ordeal shall involve each of the women present to come forward one at a time and confront the slave on his knees. This Ordeal for this slave will consist of three things. He will have to submit to each of the women present for a test. Each woman must do at least one of the Ordeal Points, or she can do all 3. The three items of ordeal are:

1. A Submissive Act: Direct the slave to perform some "submissive" act to signify his surrender to all woman-kind (e.g., kissing their feet, or something like it).

2. Endure A Punishment: In a slave society men will be punished from time to time. Can this slave endure a little pain. This can be a whipping with a scourge. In can be very, very light, (or it can be severe depending upon the slave's ability, age, and health).

3. Test for Proper Slave Attitude: Each woman may ask the slave questions about how he sees his live as a slave, or what he thinks about living in a society where women were dominant and men were slaves.

When the last woman has finished, Priestess Sarakira will ask the women if they were satisfied with the slave's performance, and, if they all think that this slave would be the kind of slave we are looking for in our newEden 2 World of Female Supremacy? Only if, they all concur can the ritual conclude with the Slave Collaring Ceremony.

Priestess Extends the Use of Her Throne to Steel Goddess: After each of the women have put the slave through their tests, Priestess Sarakira asks the women for their judgement of the slaves performance. If the judgement is favorable, the Priestess will compliment Steel Goddess on her slave's performance. Priestess stands, bids Steel Goddess to approach. One of the customs is that the officiating Essemian Priestess will offer the use of her throne to the woman who is going to collar a slave in the Slave Collaring Rite. It is a glorious site when the naked male slave, often still with fresh whip marks on his body, his made to kneel in front of his mistress on a throne that is surrounded by women, and to have a slave collar fastened about his neck.

Slave is on his knees. Steel Goddess produces the collar of steel. She holds it up for all to see. Then, Steel Goddess pauses to look at her slave. Her eyes are intensely focused as they seem to penetrate the head of the male creature kneeling before her. There is an exchange of words and vows. They are spoken quietly. They are private. Then, there is sound of metal against metal has the steel collar is opened, placed upon the slave's neck, and fastened with the click of a padlock. It is done.

Close of the Collaring Ritual: The woman who collars the slave is now the one sitting in the throne, and so, as the custom prescribes, it is she who will close the ritual. Steel Goddess attaches a small leash to the collar of he newly collared slave. Then, with a jerk of the leash and a push of her hand, the slave is directed to lower his head to her feet. More! He is ordered to grovel at her feet, pray to her, and lay perfectly still has she places her bare foot upon his head in a sign of final triumph. She holds this pose for a number of minutes. She appears to be in a trance. With her foot planted upon the head of her slave, she is the perfect of icon of female dominance male submission. After about a 10 minute period of meditation in this pose, she removed her foot from her slave's head, and stood up. With her slave's head still at her feet, she announced that the ritual was now concluded.

2. Priestess Sarakira invites Steel to do a Collaring Ritual. 
4. Steek orders slave to strip naked and lie prostrate beneath her feet. 
6. Steel orders her slave to crawl  to Priestess Sarakira's throne. 
8. Slave is given to other women to be tested for his submission.
10. Slave must feel the sting of  riding whips from many women.
12. "I will feel your tongue on my feet as you will feel my whip, slave!"
14. Forever you are subject to whips and chains and Leatherclad Janes!
16. Verdict is favorable. All agree he is a true slave and can be collared.
18. Steel has slave recite the words of his slave vows for all to hear.
20. A closeup view of Steel securing  the slave collar with a pad lock.
22. In a final act of conquest, Steel uses slave's head as her foot stool. 






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