Prepare yourself to enter the Meditation Room of  
the Temple of the Darkside Goddess Kali

Meditation Instruction

    Sit still, relax, focus on Kali's image and listen.
    Observe how the image becomes immersed in liquid.

    See how the swirl patterns appear, and remain, like
    the conscious mind, in a constant motion of change.

    Lord Shiva lies helpless in chains beneath Kali's feet.
    Kali's is the perfect icon of Divine female dominance.

    Males should let themselves flow into Shiva's body.
    Females should let themselves flow into Kali's body.

    Man, be still, surrender completely beneath her feet,      let her feet touch your face as you lie helplessly     bound up tight in her chains. Worship her. 

    Woman, be at one with Kali, and accept man's     surrender to you in Kali's name. For you are now     her surrogate to dominate and punish man-kind.  

    Keep him in fear, underfoot in chains as your slave.
    Man-kind must atone, it is the will of the Goddess!